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Landlines was recorded at Nathan Griffis Studios in 2013 and was Mixed by Ryan Weaver in 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mastered by Brian Gardner in 2014. All songs written by Ryan Allen 2010-2012. The Colony and Catrina co-written with Andy King. Artwork produced by See Horse Design. Cover Stereo Photograph by and courtesy of Jason S. Ordaz. Back Cover by and courtesy of Jon Lewis. All rights reserved 2014.

"With three years in the making spanning an epic fifteen songs, folk-rock group Bandelier premieres their debut album 'Landlines' with confidence, artfulness, and direction. In the vein of vinyl records of the past this album is meant to be sat down with and experienced, much like you would in a movie theater, or closer perhaps in the seat of your car as you drive through the ever-changing landscape which these songs have so evidently been inspired by. While it's certainly a long trip (one recommended to take a break between A & B side or track 8 and 9), it is an overall rewarding cinematic journey." - livewiresounds

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