"These are some high lonesome tunes that reach deep back somewhere old 
and move you up to someplace new."  folklahoma news


"The band is both cinematic and precise, gathering an orchestrated western film score into a three-minute catchy folk-pop-rock song that will move your heart and feet at the same time." Green-Country Tuner 


"At a show, you will experience the guys sing, scream, and whisper their hearts out. Ryan has no reservations to open his heart-on-his-sleeve with lyrics of timeless folkloric themes of love, death, and home. There is something very familiar about the band, and I believe that familiarity is straight up Americana, whatever that may be." TrishaT Blogspot


Bandelier formed in the summer of 2010 in a warehouse in downtown Tulsa. Frontman Ryan Allen, originally hailing from Texas, spent a lifetime exploring the vast roots of American music eventually turning the pianist and composer into a full-fledged songwriter. Today, the band's music can be traced back to those same traditions with an even stronger sense of place, especially that of the American Southwest and of their own home state of Oklahoma which lies somewhere in between the great Wild  West, the folkloric Midwestern Ozarks, and the deep country-fried South. Bandelier's songs are a reflection of where they are in the world, at the very center The Heartland, as they turn those old anthems into new cinematic soundscapes. 


Bandelier independently released their debut album 'Landlines' and are currently in production of their sophomore effort. Be sure to listen closely, catch the band live, and follow their trail at 

"I've got low blues some old and new
And I've got high hopes and gospel tunes
But every song ever sung to you
Is some shade of blue."
 - Shade of Blue, Bandelier